Install Android Radio Head for VW Golf MK5

Just some random electronic stuff that I did a while ago with my VW golf mk5

Remove the tray, it could probably be a speaker on GTI version instead.

1.jpg 2.jpg

Remove air duct assembly, careful to undo the hazard light cable

3.jpg 4.jpg

Remove the trim around the front panel

5a.jpg 5b.jpg

Just one big harness and 2 antenna plugs for the original radio head. Compare to the chinese android radio head

6.jpg 7.jpg

You will need the converter cable that comes with the kit, and probably buy the dashboard button cover as well

8.jpg 9.jpg

Plug in the CAN bus decoder box and connect to the reverse camera

10.jpg 11.jpg

Connect the power controller board for the camera and put everything back

12.jpg 13.jpg

Yes, that short piece of wire actually is the wifi antenna


Some screens are a bit too big and the corners get in the way of the clips or the corners of the panel trim, like mine

screen1.jpg screen2.jpg

So you need to chop off a bit on the corner of the bezel

screen3.jpg screen4.jpg


And install the reverse camera as well

cam1.jpg cam2.jpg

cam3.jpg cam4.jpg

I could just hook on 12v powering up radio head and that was it, camera ON/OFF with radio head. But that wouldn’t be good.

Testing the camera power switcher

cam5.jpg cam6.jpg

Basically, the power switcher circuitry is just a buffer/driver. Just need 2 transistors and a few 10k resistors. Even though the reverse camera doesn’t have IR LEDs and it takes only 50mA, but yeah, I don’t know the capability of output of decoder box and thus I made my own driver for this just to be safe. The PNP BJT can do 500mA, plenty of juice to *drive* the camera.

schematic.png perf.png

Reverse camera at night


There are flaws on this chinese radio head but the benefits outweigh the flaws.

- It provides a coloured LCD screen, exactly like an android tablet
- It runs android apps, such as google Map and whatever on google play store
- It supports CAN bus and reads CAN message so that steering wheel works just like original VW radio head
- It can do radio like a normal radio head and has GPS built-in, yes it does run Google MAP
- But I prefer igo app on the ROM instead of Google MAP
- It does bend the backing camera guide lines just like original one.

There are a few setbacks

- The screen is a bit big so that I have to chop off a bit on the corners of the bezel. I guess, no more warranty for me.
- Bluetooth name keeps changing back to CarBT, a bit annoying
- I can’t find an aftermarket reverse camera without fixed guide lines, so there are 2 sets of guide lines on the reverse camera screen, a fixed one from the camera and a bendable one that bends accordingly to the steering wheel.
- Doesn’t provide power output for the reverse camera, so it was a hiccup on this part and I procrastinated for a few months to install the reverse camera.


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