Mini HTPC - base on ATOM ION 330


Get bored myself, I got into another project: build mini HTPC.

- Mainboard POV - Atom ION 330 (ITX form factor)
- Mini PSU DELL 160w
- 1GB DDR2 bus 800
- 160GB Sata 3.5” Hard drive - Update may-16
- ABS plastic case (from broken Santak 1000VA UPS) - FAIL
- Custom metal case 26×24x10cm - Update may-16

Now, it’s time to get my hands dirty :)

Prepare the ABS case

Put them all together

I am kinda stuck here. The temperature is too high, due to small case, and no good air flow solution. Change the plan…

Edit May-16th-2012:

OK, new plan: Make a custom metal case.

Borrow a welder from my company. And learn some welding lessons my self.

The first product look pretty awful. but believe me, it’s not that easy for the first time…

The second product (after 5 hours self-traning).

Also install some studs (holding the mainboard), brackets for HDD. Look good enough. I think it should work.
Compare the custom case with the Mid tower ATX.

Put them all together

Some other view



System up and running

I am thinking about coating it with metal sheet or plastic sheet. Or just let it be sexy like this.

It seem Ubuntu 12 (gnome) does not co-operate with this machine very well. Everything seem sluggy. It can not work with my dell 22” LCD native resolution 1680×1050 (maximum 1360×768). Do searching around for hours, try some method, no luck…

I Guess, I need to get back to Windoze 7. This is why 99% ppl over here using windozes…