PCB design tools

I need 2 kind of software when designing and making PCB
- Schematic sketching
- PCB layout designing


Until this month, I have used MsPaint to sketch schema and ExpressPCB for making PCB artwork. Although ExpressPCB include schema sketching software - ExpressSCH, but the output look awful, I can draw a better looking schema just using MsPaint!
ExpressPCB homepage

sPlan 6.0
From a tip of my friend, I do some search with the keyword “Sprint Layout 5.0” and “sPlan 6.0”. I like them just from the first look. If you want some screenshots, information… about sPlan, Sprint Layout you can ask Mr. Google.
sPlan 6.0 iso
Note: You have to install this software from a Virtual CDROM. Otherwise, it won’t work even installing successfully (how odd, huh?)

Sprint Layout 5.0
Sprint Layout 5.0
Component Libs

New - Sprint Layout 6.0