UV Light box timer for PCB photo-resisting using atmega8

intro.jpg I have a few atmega8 laying around, bought over ten years ago. Powered by, pretty much, the same 8bit MCU like what’s in Arduino UNO, except, it has only 8k of flash and 1k of ram. It is, kinda, on a par with attiny85. There is only one catch, it doesn’t support PCINT like atmega328 does. An attiny85 would do this job perfectly, of course I would have to use i2c adapter for LCD0802 but, meh.
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Understanding LED matrix scanning method

This entry is for someone that having basic electronics knowledge and want to understand how to control led matrix using Arduino UNO.

How do you control a led matrix?

Lets start with the basic: controlling 1 row of single-color LEDs
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Turn off monitor - C++

My brother asked me how can he turn off the monitor. He showed me a PowerShell script

start powershell (Add-Type '[DllImport(\"user32.dll\")]^public static extern int SendMessage(int hWnd, int hMsg, int wParam, int lParam);' -Name a -Pas)::SendMessage(-1,0x0112,0xF170,2); exit

My reaction was “what the heck, seriously you can do that with PowerShel, like, invoke a function in a DLL file just like that?!”.
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Programmatically upload code - atmega32u4 - VC++

m32u4_prog_intro.jpg I had a small project that need to deliver firmware for atmega32u4 for my customers. And of course, they aren’t tech-savvy like me. It was impossible to guide them to use arduino to flash directly using source code. More importantly, I don’t want to share my source code. There is only one option for me that build an avrdude wrapper that detect atmega32u4 and run avrdude automatically. This tutorial is about uploading firmware to atmega32u4 programmatically using AVR109 app note in Visual Studio.
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PC watercooler - arduino water flow status

intro.jpg Watercooling system on your desktop PC is kind of look cool. But of course, it concerns a lot of precautions.

Water tight
First of all, make sure it is water tight, meaning no leaking at all. You never know if your watercooling is leaking. It happened to me, twice, in the past about 14 years ago. You know, water and electricity they don’t like each other. A few drops of water on motherboard or video card could result in tragedy.

The picture on the left is just click-bait. It’s not mine, it’s from Thermaltake advertisement

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Arduino Timer / PWM cheat sheet

Arduino Timer

Arduino UNO (ATmega328p) has three 8bit timers

Timer0 - used for millis() micros() delay()… and is on pin 5, 6
Timer1 - 16bit timer is on pin 9, 10
Timer2 - 8bit timer is on pin 3, 11

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Lineage 2 - Auto Clicker


- Auto Clicker at hardware level that as small as pen drive
- Detect as standard HID keyboard/mouse
- Controllable by custom software, by timer or scripts
- Automate key press for chat, combo or just repeat
- Automate mouse movement and click
- By pass all smartguard and alike
- Customized for use with Lineage2

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AVR - Transistor tester


I always want one since it first appeared on the interweb around 2005. The very first version used PIC chip and it originated namely LC meter. I actually bought all components but at that time, I had no clue how to program PIC, and thus I failed to build one. I still have no idea how to program PIC chip until now :D

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PS3 pwned

PS3-PHAT.jpg Got a PS3 console from my cousin. It’s PHAT version, yeah, the big-fat version, back in 2008 or something. The first thing I do with this console is tear it down LOL. I don’t have any PS3 game and I don’t play game on console, so maybe I’ll put Linux on this thing. Then I have to jail-brake this PS3 first. This entry is about hacking an old PS3 console.

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Wordclock = WS2811B + Arduino = beautiful combination

wordclock_intro.jpg I wanted to make one a few years ago but I didn’t have much time as well as I didn’t know how to do it, or was too lazy to do it :D
Back then, I lacked of enthusiasm, motive and didn’t want to learn new things. Until this year, I had more free time and change of mind, I want to learn new things. So, I started this project, a few years after

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