PC watercooler - arduino water flow status

intro.jpg Watercooling system on your desktop PC is kind of look cool. But of course, it concerns a lot of precautions.

Water tight
First of all, make sure it is water tight, meaning no leaking at all. You never know if your watercooling is leaking. It happened to me, twice, in the past about 14 years ago. You know, water and electricity they don’t like each other. A few drops of water on motherboard or video card could result in tragedy.

The picture on the left is just click-bait. It’s not mine, it’s from Thermaltake advertisement

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Arduino Timer / PWM cheat sheet

Arduino Timer

Arduino UNO (ATmega328p) has three 8bit timers

Timer0 - used for millis() micros() delay()… and is on pin 5, 6
Timer1 - 16bit timer is on pin 9, 10
Timer2 - 8bit timer is on pin 3, 11

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Lineage 2 - Auto Clicker


Ac2usb is a small usb piece, like a usb pen-drive. It actually is physical keyboard mouse combo which used for automated key press and mouse click for online game, Lineage II in specific. It works on all Lineage II servers with or without lameguard, smartguard or whatever-guard there might be. Yes, it works just like the very real-life keyboard mouse you are using, but without any buttons :D

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AVR - Transistor tester


I always want one since it first appeared on the interweb around 2005. The very first version used PIC chip and it originated namely LC meter. I actually bought all components but at that time, I had no clue how to program PIC, and thus I failed to build one. I still have no idea how to program PIC chip until now :D

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PS3 pwned

PS3-PHAT.jpg Got a PS3 console from my cousin. It’s PHAT version, yeah, the big-fat version, back in 2008 or something. The first thing I do with this console is tear it down LOL. I don’t have any PS3 game and I don’t play game on console, so maybe I’ll put Linux on this thing. Then I have to jail-brake this PS3 first. This entry is about hacking an old PS3 console.

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Wordclock = WS2811B + Arduino = beautiful combination

wordclock_intro.jpg I wanted to make one a few years ago but I didn’t have much time as well as I didn’t know how to do it, or was too lazy to do it :D
Back then, I lacked of enthusiasm, motive and didn’t want to learn new things. Until this year, I had more free time and change of mind, I want to learn new things. So, I started this project, a few years after

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Serial Communication for debugging - dummies version


If you are older than 28 years old, you might already know what a COM port looks like. Yes, COM port stands for Communication port. It was used widely to connect external device to the computer in the old days around 2005, such as: modem, mouse, even printer or transfer data between 2 PCs. Yes, COM port was understood as serial port.

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ATTiny13 Programming with Arduino IDE

attiny13a-dip.jpg Sometime, you need a small circuit to flash some LEDs or do some simple task, say, power on delay function for your DIY amplifier, power on reminder for your soldering station (beep every 3 mins) - which I forgot to turn off all the time… probably, an Attiny13 is just what you need.

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Quiz game show buzzer


It is sometime called game show buzzer lockout system, but I thought many people confuse with the name so I changed it.

If you’ve watched some game shows like Family Feud, you probably know what a game show buzzer is. And yes, it is a set of buzzers that once a button is pressed, the other button is deactivated to indicate the player who takes answer fastest. It usually is 2 or 3 players at a time on TV. That is easy. But what if you need a buzzer set for 10+ players or teams at the same time. Well, not easy anymore.

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Middle mouse button fix for Asus touchpad in windows 10


Just bought this laptop Asus x302l about 3 weeks ago. After a week, I found out that it (is) was impossible to do middle mouse button. There is no such an option for middle mouse button in ASUS Smart Gesture, or I should call ASUS not-so-Smart Gesture. In this entry, I will call it “Asus gesture”.

Tried everything I could find on the internet, also hit the support team of ASUS as well, none came with success. I was so disappointed, and still do. So, do I have carry an extra mouse on the go like forever?

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