Arduino Analog clock with DS1307

arduino_my_name_analogclock.png Another experiment with Arduino based on experiment with TFT 240×320 display using driver chip ILI9341 and DS1307 real time clock module.

Turn out this can be a nice analog-clock on my desk to replace the widget analog-clock of windows 7.

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240×320 2.8” TFT Display breakout using driver ILI9341

9341breakout1.jpg Playing around with 2.8” TFT display with driver ILI9341 from ebay. This one has SPI connection and SD card reader built-in at the back of this TFT display. I choose the display without touch-screen because I don’t need it for my next project.

But it seems I always have trouble with things from ebay: this TFT display using driver ILI9341 that accept 3v3 signal and the module doesn’t come with a level conversion chip like this LCD Shield using driver 4535.

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240×320 2.8” TFT Shield driver 4535 for Arduino

4535shield3.jpg For the first time having experience with arduino and TFT screen, a TFT display shield should be better than a breakout TFT display, because a shield is something that made for plug-n-play, like a usb thing, just plug it in the computer and it works right away.

That what I thought when I bought this shield.

But I was wrong.

It is the cheap TFT display you will get from ebay. There are serveral models using different drivers - mine uses LGDP4535 - that looks like the picture above.

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Nikon D5100 - Entry level Camera

iamnikond5100.jpg Bought a D5100 about a year ago. It is an entry level / consumer level DSLR and yet it is a powerful one. The wonderful thing of SLR / DSLR is that you can change the lens. I like Nikon for it’s compatible of wide range of lens including very old manual lens from the 80’s with superb image quality for very low price.

By the time I bought my D5100, its about 14.000.000vnd ~ US$ 700 come with 18-55mm VR kit Lens. Good enough for a newb like me.

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Config WDS on Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N (DD-WRT)

wzr-hp-g300nh.jpg This Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N is a very good wireless router. This model is quite old for now. This entry is for reference only.

I use 2x Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N with DD-WRT firmware (official from buffalo) which I will call the MASTER and the SLAVE.

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Mini HTPC - base on ATOM ION 330


Get bored myself, I got into another project: build mini HTPC.

- Mainboard POV - Atom ION 330 (ITX form factor)
- Mini PSU DELL 160w
- 1GB DDR2 bus 800
- 160GB Sata 3.5” Hard drive - Update may-16
- ABS plastic case (from broken Santak 1000VA UPS) - FAIL
- Custom metal case 26×24x10cm - Update may-16

Now, it’s time to get my hands dirty :)
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Adam & Eve’s Pets


Lovely pets

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Ainol Novo7 Elf - Cheap Android Tablet


This is not an Android tablet review either!
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Moto Milestone A853 - Korean Version


This is not a smart-phone review!
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Using the same password for many websites makes everything easy to remember but it is quite dangerous.

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