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ac2usb is a small usb piece, like a usb pen-drive. It actually is keyboard mouse combo which used for automated key press and mouse click for online game, Lineage II in specific. It works on all Lineage II servers with or without lameguard, smartguard or whatever-guard there might be. Yes, it works just like the very real-life keyboard mouse you are using, but without any buttons :D

ac2usb or AutoClicker-to-USB is a Hardware Auto Hotkey tool for online games. It is mainly developed for an old game Lineage II, the game with tedious farming procedure. Like most of MMORPG, it could take months farming to get good gears. This tool will help you to bypass some boring tasks by automated key presses and mouse clicks so you can concentrate on the fun of online game.

Unlike those software auto clicker, this tool achieves that by using hardware level key press and mouse click, the same way you actually press a button on your real keyboard. It has many benefits: works on all games or software that needs automated mouse click, doesn’t hack into games, and no antivirus could raise an alarm on this. Although this tool is quite complicated, it doesn’t have some advanced features like a real bot does, eg: l2tower, l2adrenaline…, which tools hack into the game and gain advanced functions that a normal keyboard can never give.


This video clip demonstrates how mouse movement can be automated with ac2usb … /watch?v=9YYKcGLjLJk

ACS1.0 is a script interpreter software. It reads a script file and key-press data to ac2usb. I developed my own script language, a very simple one, still adding more actions if I feel I need to. It has simple structure and a few keywords:

;AC Script 1.0  - keyword samples

HotKey 	num+		;set hotkey for this script as Numpad +
Loop 	1		;set it loop
TimerKey f10 800	;special timer key which press each 800 milisec

;Script sequence
Key 	C
KeyDown A
KeyUp	A

MouseDown	1
MouseUp 	1
Mouse 		2

MoveX 100
MoveY 100
MoveXY 300 200
Delay 1000

StoreCurPos 	;save current mouse position
RestoreCurPos	;move back to where it was



Written in C, based on the skeleton of the auto clicker tools that I have been developing in 4 years just for hobby. Which tools I don’t make public because I don’t want people take advantage of my free tools and spamming all LineageII servers that I occasionally play. I still play LineageII until now. But, this one is different. It depends on a specific hardware, ac2usb, in order to work. And I have no intention to public my code. This also for protecting my friends from getting banned on their favorite servers because of some idiots copy my work.

Anyhow, my program doesn’t have any kind of obfuscate protection. If a guy wanna copy this project and have reverse-engineering skill, he probably spends much less time writing similar software based on given hints.

acs1.1usb-beta.rar built 19-Nov-2017
acs11b_usb.rar built 15-APR-2018

This software gives flexibility of the macro key, it depends on the script you put in. This is actual script save me from tiring myself of moving tens of rubbish items to the warehouse:

; AC Script 1.0  - Move item - ALL

storecurpos 	;save current mouse position
mouse 1 	;click
delay 50
mouse 1 	;click again = double click
delay 100
movexy 915 455 	; move to button [all]
delay 100 
mouse 1		; click
delay 150
movexy 646 464	; move to button [confirm]
delay 100
mouse 1		; click
delay 100
restorecurpos	; move back to where the mouse was

This boring task just bugging me for weeks that force me to write a script software instead of using my old trusty auto-clicker. You can write your own script for automated enchanting, augmenting, creating SS / BSS or target and attack mobs that keep running all day long…

The coordinate used in action MoveXY (or MoveX, MoveY) is relative, which original - point zero (0,0) - is at the top left of the game window, not the desktop. So, as long as you don’t resize the game window and game window is active, your script still works just fine wherever your game window is.

Of course, the software cannot run without the hardware. The circuit schematic is not important since you can use whatever ATmega32u4 board you can get your hands on, arduino leonardo, sparkfun pro-micro, teensy2.0 or even some crazy stuff like wearing-thing adafruit flora.

ac2usb_arduinoleonardo.jpg ac2usb_teensy2.0.jpg ac2usb_flora.jpg

Instead, you can just simply use neat solutions such as rubber ducky, with nice plastic shell case looks like a legit usb pen-drive, or tiny board beetle arduino, or a metal shell one that I use.

ac2usb_rubber_ducky.jpg ac2usb_beetle_arduino.jpg ac2usb_metalcase.jpg

It uses Arduino Leonardo equivalent circuit for simplicity. Hence Arduino Leonardo driver is needed when it’s being used on Windows 8 machine (or older).



Using Arduino IDE, you can make it just in a few minutes. There are built-in samples for USB keyboard and mouse. You just take that sample, edit it a little bit, put some custom key-press of your own, plug in your hardware and press upload sketch. A sample USB keyboard from sparkfun.

Yeah, that is how you make a custom macro keyboard / mouse just like a commercial gaming keyboard mouse with macro function. Only small problem is the macro keys are hard-coded in the firmware, not quite easy to get macro keys changeable in run-time. To achieve that, you have to put more effort than just a few minutes.

There are some methods to make that:
+ Hardware approach - add LCD module, buttons, few lines of code.
+ Software approach - Serial port, USB port, hundreds lines of code.

Well, adding some buttons and LCD or writing arduino code is a lot easier than writing software on the computer side. It would take a lot of saturday afternoons to get it works.

I am not doing this for money, but if you are interested in getting a piece of ac2usb send me an email

- Control software acs1.0 must run as Administrator to catch Hotkey from the game if the game run as administrator.
- Currently acs1.0 built for ac2usb firmware 2.4 (almost a year ago) which does not support action KeyUp/KeyDown, but only action Key.
- Software is free to copy but it won’t work without ac2usb stick anyway.

You use this tool at your own risk. I take no responsibility for your game account being banned, jailed or whatever bad thing happened. It’s your own game account you take the fall over your bad usage. Please use automated tool with precaution and responsibility.


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