Middle mouse button for Asus touchpad in windows 10

Just bought this laptop Asus x302l about 3 weeks ago. After a week, I found out that it is was impossible to do middle mouse button. There is no such an option for middle mouse button in ASUS Smart Gesture, or I should call ASUS not-so-Smart Gesture. In this entry, I will call it “Asus gesture”.

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Asus X302L - fix loose touchpad makes clicking noise

With 13.3” LCD, this lightweight laptop has the brain of i5-5200u, 4GBs RAM, 500GB Hard drive blah blah blah…


Just bought one yesterday from local store for AU$ 799 and it surprised me when it comes with 128GB SSD instead. Nice!
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PL2303 - USB to UART Converter for Arduino Pro Mini

This is what you get from ebay for a very cheap price


Most cheap PL2303HX USB to UART adaptors from ebay usually don’t have DTR pin to upload sketch easier to Arduino Mini Pro.
This post will show you how to mod this little adaptor to play nice with arduino mini pro. It should take about 10 minutes and require good solder skill.
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Arduino Analog clock with DS1307


Another experiment with Arduino base on experiment with TFT 240×320 display using driver chip ILI9341.

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240×320 2.8” TFT Display breakout using driver ILI9341

Playing around with 2.8” TFT display with driver ILI9341


It seems I always have trouble with things from ebay. This time another TFT display using driver ILI9341 that accept 3v3 signal only…
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240×320 2.8” TFT Shield driver 4535 for Arduino

It is the cheap TFT display you will get from ebay. There are serveral models using different drivers - mine uses LGDP4535 - that look exactly like this


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Nikon D5100 - Entry level Camera

Bought a D5100 about a year ago.


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Config WDS on Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N (DD-WRT)

I use 2x Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N with DD-WRT firmware (official from buffalo) which I will call the MASTER and the SLAVE.


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Mini HTPC - base on ATOM ION 330


Get bored myself, I got into another project: build mini HTPC.

- Mainboard POV - Atom ION 330 (ITX form factor)
- Mini PSU DELL 160w
- 1GB DDR2 bus 800
- 160GB Sata 3.5” Hard drive - Update may-16
- ABS plastic case (from broken Santak 1000VA UPS) - FAIL
- Custom metal case 26×24x10cm - Update may-16

Now, it’s time to get my hands dirty :)
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Adam & Eve’s Pets


Lovely pets

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